• Spiral Plate Technology

    Spiral Plate Technology

  • Evodos type 10

    Evodos type 10

  • Evodos type 25

    Evodos type 25

  • Evodos Wins Algae Innovation Award

    Evodos Wins Algae Innovation Award

  • Diatoms are harvested alive with Evodos

    Diatoms are harvested alive with Evodos

  • Evodos 2014 new releases

    Evodos 2014 new releases

Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Algae Harvesting Excellence

Evodos is the only Algae harvesting solution where all valuable components (ingredients) inside the Algae cells are fully retained. This significantly increases the value of the output Algae biomass.
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Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Desludging Heavy Oils

Evodos has demonstrated excellent performance on desludging heavy oil. Desludging Heavy Oils with Evodos is a financially attractive, and technically robust way to increase the value of oil products.
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Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Re-use of Oil Based Drilling Muds

The Evodos Dynamic Settlers effectively separates LGS (Low Gravity Solids) from solids saturated and unusable oil based drilling fluids.

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The diatoms belong to one of the most economically important groups of algae. For various applications, it is often very important that while algae cultures are concentrated via centrifugation, the cells are not damaged and keep their integrity after the processing.Traditional methods of centrifugation typically bring a serious damage to the cells breaking or opening their frustules that usually dramatically reduces the quality of the microalgal biomass obtained. In contrast, recently I repeatedly had a chance to process large volumes of diatoms using The Evodos Dynamic Settler. The results of these tests proved to be uniformly identical: the perfect quality of concentrated microalgal (diatom) paste – no diatoms cells were detected that exhibited any signs of mechanical damage.
Dr. Viktor Chepurnov (Tomalgae C.V.B.A., Belgium)