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    Spiral Plate Technology

  • Evodos 10

    Evodos 10

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    Evodos 25

  • Evodos Wins Algae Innovation Award

    Evodos Wins Algae Innovation Award

  • Diatoms are harvested alive with Evodos

    Diatoms are harvested alive with Evodos

  • Evodos 50

    Evodos 50

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Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Algae Harvesting Excellence

Evodos is the only Algae harvesting solution where all valuable components (ingredients) inside the Algae cells are fully retained. This significantly increases the value of the output Algae biomass.
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Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Desludging Heavy Oils

Evodos has demonstrated excellent performance on desludging heavy oil. Desludging Heavy Oils with Evodos is a financially attractive, and technically robust way to increase the value of oil products.
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Algae Harvesting Excellence

 Re-use of Oil Based Drilling Muds

The Evodos Dynamic Settlers effectively separates LGS (Low Gravity Solids) from solids saturated and unusable oil based drilling fluids.

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We are extremely pleased and impressed with the performance of the EVODOS Type 10, which we use to concentrate Tetraselmis spp. from 6 to 30% solids (w/w), which requires 0.1 kWh per kg dry weight! This is right on track to return a positive energy ratio in regard to producing and processing microalgae biomass for biofuel feedstocks. We look forward to incorporating the Type 25 and Type250 into our process soon...
Prof David Lewis, Senior Process Engineer, Muradel Pty LtdLeader, Microalgal Engineering Research Group School of Chemical Engineering