Evodos Applications

Evodos technology outperforms traditional separation solutions and is applicable across the oil and gas industry, either in conjunction with other equipment, to increase separation efficiency, or replacing traditional machinery.

Oil-based mud rejuvenation

Evodos can be applied at the drill site in a kidney operation during drilling, treating the mud in a separate stream. It can also be used in a mud plant.

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Waste oil treatment

Evodos separates even the greasiest of solids from oils and water, and adjusts to changes in process, oil/water ratios, viscosity or mixture weight on the fly.

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Oil / water separation

Separating oil and water mixtures resulting from ship-to-ship oil transfer spills, produced water from oil wells, fraccing fluids, and more.

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Oil sands applications

Evodos can separate mature fine tailings from water and other fluids, enabling unprecedented tailing pond remediation.

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