The separation and recovery of oil and gas industry by-products is intensive and can involve highly abrasive materials. Evodos is committed to optimizing processing time and minimizing downtime, so we design our products such that parts that experience wear are contained in an easily replaced cartridge.


Continuous processing

The Evodos cartridge is replaced in a few easy steps at regular intervals. The expended cartridge is refurbished and used again.


Easy installation

The cartridge is replaced by the operator using easy-to-use, supplied tools. The process takes just a few hours and is similar to changing an ink jet cartridge.


Two process options

The Evodos cartridge is available in two- or three-phase modes. The two-phase cartridge is for separating suspended solids from liquids. A separate two-phase cartridge is used for liquid/liquid separation. The three-phase cartridge is for separating suspended solids as well as water and oil. The cartridge has a self-adjusting interface.

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