It’s Evodos mission to deliver clients not only equipment, but also the advise how to integrate different technologies into an integrated algae harvesting solution.

Clients are facing challenges like:

  • Energy efficient processing of large volumes
  • Recycle the water for algae production
  • Bacterial removal from recycled water
  • Scale solutions from test to pilot to commercialization

We work together with suppliers to deliver the integrated algae harvesting solutions to our clients.


To harvest high volume of low concentration algae culture we integrate the Evodos units with the algae pre-concentration solution. An algae membrane solution pre-concentrates the algae culture to an algae concentrate of 10-15 grams/litre.

In the second algae harvesting step, the Evodos equipment processes the concentrate to a high quality algae paste of around 200-300 grams/litre. The integrated harvesting solution is successfully applied at the EU-Biofat project with Nannochlorosis. Also at one of our clients, the combination of the pre-concentrator with the Evodos 25, delivers excellent results with Diatoms. Recently the integrated solution is sold to one of our clients for harvesting species of Dunaliella.

Evodos Integrated Harvesting Solutions


To recycle the water for algae production, the effluent water from the Evodos unit has to be free from algae residue and bacteria. To ‘clean’ the effluent water we integrate the Evodos unit with a water recycling solution, also based on membrane technology. The clean water is ready for recycling to your algae production system. The combination of the Evodos unit with the water recycling solution is successfully applied at the EU-project Fuel4me and at AlgaeParc in Wageningen.

Evodos Integrated Algae Harvesting Solutions Recycling

Integrated_Algae_Harvesting_SolutionsCHOICE OF MEMBRANES

For the membrane solutions the choice of membranes is extremely important. You want to maximize the performance (separation and flux) and minimize the fouling. In this field, Evodos works together with different suppliers. In the above examples of algae pre-concentration and water recycling we experienced good results with Capillary filters specially designed by one of our suppliers for algae applications.

Dependent on the specific algae application we also experienced different kind of drying technologies, from e.g. microwave-drying, refractive window drying to freeze-drying.

Please contact us for your specific downstream question on algae pre-concentration, water recycling or drying.