Spiral plate technology

Spiral plate technology is the key difference setting Evodos above traditional separation technologies. Due to numerous hinged plates, particles don’t travel far before ‘landing’ on a relatively large settling area. Artificial gravity, caused by rotation of the drum, separates heavy liquids from those that are lighter.

High separation efficiency and liquid-free discharge

Evodos is the only technology that efficiently separates fine and ultrafine particles including fine clays and sensitive algae, micro oil droplets and fluids. Our technology also produces a dry, solid cake.

No additives required

Our process mirrors and accelerates nature’s own processes using a purely mechanical process. No chemicals or flocculants are required; the system does accommodate chemicals required by customer processes.


Evodos dynamic settlers have a gyroscopic shaft and a motor that are self-adjusting which reduces maintenance, costs and downtime. The equipment is therefore compact and does not need to be bolted to flooring or require any special foundation.

Low energy consumption

When grouped together, the deceleration of one unit can be used to power up another. Additionally, Evodos’ quick acceleration and deceleration processes keep uptime optimal, and allow for optimal safety procedures.