Following encouraging test results on Oil based Mud, Evodos has developed and built a new model; Evodos C50

End of 2015, the first tests with this new model were completed and meanwhile we are proud to say that we succeeded!

Our new C50 includes the following features:

  • Artificial gravity 4000 – 4500G
  • 3 safety barriers for improved safety
  • Robust design, in line with on-site requirements
  • Class 1, Zone 1 = Atex: EX II 2G IIB T3 Gb II certification
  • Maintenance friendly design, including cartridge technology for minimal downtime
  • Integrated containerized solution

The new Evodos C50 has proven that it is possible to remove ultra-fines from spent OBM in a pure mechanical way, without adding chemicals. Rheology of the mud improves, lifetime is extended. Dilution is no longer the only solution!

PSD’s showing separating capabilities



Graph showing result of the Evodos on OBM after being treated by an optimised Decanter. The Evodos C50 removed particles even smaller than 1 µm.

Now the tests are completed, first Evodos C50’s will be shipped to our customers in North America and Central Asia in the coming months.

Video of test with Oil Based Mud


For further information on our technology please contact our sales department.