TomAlgae case study downstream harvesting process with 2x Evodos 25 units.

Belgium-based TomAlgae is developing freeze-dried microalgae for feed in shrimp hatcheries. The company has created its own microalgal “cultivar” and manufactures a lyophilized (freeze-dried) product exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, both EPA and DHA, proteins and vitamins.

The initial scale-up was a 50-fold production increase, with open raceway ponds inside greenhouses that enable year-round production and procurement of equipment including the Evodos 25 dynamic settler to complete the crucial downstream (harvesting) process. When sustainable production was obtained, TomAlgae increased the production capacity x4 to meet the increased market demand and purchased a 2nd Evodos 25 dynamic settler to fulfill the capacity requirement.

TomAlgae’s product replaces the need for the live algae currently used in the first three critical phases at shrimp hatcheries.

“One of the critical parameters of the product we deliver is that cell integrity is maintained,” said William van der Riet, CEO of TomAlgae. “Our algae cultivar is fully digestible and cultivated to the size and composition required by the target species. In order to maintain the cells intact we have been using the Spiral Plate technology from Evodos in our downstream process. The Evodos dynamic settler turned out to be the only solution for harvesting the algae cells undamaged”

The algae paste obtained from the dewatering process is dried in a controlled process to prevent loss of valuable components like Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids and pigments. After drying, the product is packed in the 20g sachets and boxed up for shipping.