Oil-Based Mud Rejuvenation

Unmatched separation

Separating solid and liquid particles out of fluids to the 1 micron level.


Decrease energy consumption

Reduce the plastic viscosity of drilling fluids by a factor of three to four, decreasing energy requirements in the field.


Improve borehole stability

Decreased viscosity means decreased drag on the borehole, improving stability and decreasing the chance of washouts.


Maintain formation integrity

Removing very small particles reduces mud weight, and decreases formation damages and costs associated with plugged borehole pores.

Evodos can be applied at the drill site in a kidney operation, during drilling. Mud is treated in a separate stream over the suction mud pit. Alternatively, Evodos can be used to remove the ultrafine particles in a mud plant instead of diluting the spent mud to return it to its original state.


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